140 Managers Furloughed by MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts is laying off about 140 employees from managerial positions across the company’s Las Vegas properties which will be effective from Monday.

These furloughs have come as regional casinos continue to run under regulations and restrictions and plummeted foot traffic occurred due to pandemic COVID-19. According to an announcement from MGM representative Brian Ahern, the company is predicting business volumes to stay low in the early year.

According to his statement, they have focused on repost those employees to their former posts. They were quite optimistic that with that vaccine allotment and other relating developments, they would return to the upper business level and employing soon.

The impacted employees were warned Wednesday as said the Ahern. People who have MGM Resorts health plan will stay eligible for opportunities and can access the Grant Fund of MGM, training, and employee resources.

Vague Optimism

The company made Jonathan Halkyard its new chief financial officer last Wednesday, after sweeping Corey Sanders, former CFO to the position of Chief Operating Officer last December. That same exact month, MGM Resorts made Anton Nikodemus the new CityCenter president. The company also made Ann Hoff took over the responsibility and the leadership of Park MGM and Bellagio.

The company has already conducted more than a thousand furloughs and layoffs since the first appearance of the COVID-19 virus. Approximately 63,000 workers got furloughed in 202 and almost 18,000 were laid off permanently in August.

A number of regional companies in the tourism and gaming industries keep on laying off and furloughing as they run their business amidst the current financial challenges.

In Nevada, casino platforms had to keep their occupancy rates at 25% under Governor’s statewide pause. In November, the volume of visitors in Las Vegas had hit 1.5 million. The drop was 57% relative to the prior year.

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