A Macau Lawmaker Found DICJ Too Much Cozy with Casino Operators

One of the Macau Legislative Assembly members stated his belief that the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau of the city is acting too soft towards the city casino operators. It can easily be assumed that not to have any kind of relationship with them will be hard for the Bureau as it has been working with the six big-name operators in quotidian basis. But the assembly member, Jose Pereira Coutinho cognates the relationship’s circumference has spread far beyond the minimum maintenance of working connection. He blames the Bureau of having permanent collusion with the operators.

Coutinho thinks, as far as there are activities of DICJ are concerned, Ho Lat Send, Chief Executive of Macau, should engage with the situation. He believes that casinos are unnecessarily extended leeway in terms of treating their employees, and the Bureau is facilitating their policy to pressure employees into resigning to avert being fired. A segment of that group of staff includes ex-nonresident casino employees who have come down to the street asking for support and money to sustain their lives.

Systemic Abuses Going Unchecked

There are also other types of systemic abuses running on that the Bureau knows about. But it introduces no measure to curtail the intensity of the situation. Some of the prominent names have already attained wide recognition for such malpractice. But the competent authorities are yet to open their eyes and intervene in those crimes.

It is not still clear on what bases the member accused the bureau on. However, there is concern like some of the Macau casinos are neglecting the right of their employees. A report, published earlier this week, surfaced that some casinos are forcing employees to retire to make the situation look normal. When asked, the DICJ authorities deny that they know the existence of any of such activities.

Macau is establishing its latest Legislative Assembly this year, just before the new casino concession’s introduction which is expected to happen in the upcoming year. The pandemic situation has made the city to revisit its long-term financial and economic goals. It appears that the platform for significant changes in the local casino market has also been set.

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