A Quick View into Sunscape Curacao Resort Spa & Casino

One of the best picks for travelers who are ardent to spend some quality time on the island of Curacao at the heart of the Caribbean’s mystery is the Sunscape Curacao Resort Spa & Casino. It is one among the few fully comprehensive resorts in that location. With marvelous features and enchanting events to numb customers’ minds, Sunscape Resort & Casino stands itself out of other average competitors. Letting its guests make the most of their vacations in Curacao is the sole objective of Sunscape, and anyone visiting the casino resort will acknowledge this claim.

Rooms and Spaces

The entire casino hotel comprises 341 rooms, lavish pools, a uniquely styled lobby, an integrated casino, and a large wave mural. The entire indoor area is painted with shades of blues, orange, and yellow, which symbolize the ocean and the sun. It has nearly three pools and five restaurants, which, combined with other outstanding features, aim to offer visitors an all-inclusive Caribbean experience while making the Sunscape a glamorous mega-resort.

Sports and Events

Though it features all sorts of entertainment facilities for people of all ages, the Casino resort still manages some ways to keep the inner environment highly family-friendly. From snorkeling to soccer to rock climbing, the scope for gaming and sports is unbounded. Even the courtyards in the garden areas that are filled with lemon-colored and dark green grasses and trees allow guests to spend their time playing chess, shuffleboard. Not only just games but entertainment events are also cooking one after another throughout the week, and the inner atmosphere of the resort is kept warm and vivid with loud music and crowds of tourists.


The pool system is built with a main pool keeping at the center and connecting several other hexagonal parts by narrow and small channels. Some small volleyball pools, two large engraved hot tubs are also aside from the main pool. This area remains crowded most of the time, with people drinking bears incessantly.

For kids, there is a separate pool area with three shallow pools. For some additional charge, guests can have access to a more private pool area on the beachfront side.

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