American Tourists are Free to Travel Curacao Again!

Limiting the number of deaths rose in November, and December Curacao had closed its border and prohibited any tourist entry from America. The prohibition was implied to three states of New York and Florida State. But recently the American citizen from every state can come to visit the island of curacao freely again. The previously announced 14 days quarantine has also been renounced for a while. This re-opening procedure has been started from 4th January 2021.

Curacao Government lifts restriction on American travellers

The tourist board of Curacao, Curacao’s Public health Ministry and The Ministry of Economic development has come together and marked American citizens as “Medium risk” for the residents of Curacao. This classification has been accepted by the governmental authorities as well.

“Curacao has also taken a precaution against re-opening,” said Paul Pennicook, chief executive of the Curacao Tourism Board. “We feel confident in our ability to safely welcome all American travellers and provide them with exceptional experiences in a responsible way that also takes into account the well-being of the local community in Curacao.”

American must complete an online digital immigration card for free. The province can determine the location of a traveller’s card within 48 hours. Within 72 hours, the results of a newcomer COVID-19 PCR examinee can be uploaded, and a printed transcript can be placed after the test.

The airport officers have said, “Direct flights to Miami and New York from Curacao’s Hato International Airport are available in this winter. The airport now has touchless technology that “allows U.S. passengers faster, more uninterrupted access through tariffs and immigration,”

Pennicook has also said that Curacao is also looking forward to the first quarter as the endpoint unveils a new resort with a fantasy of AMRESORTS CORIDON MANGROVE BEACH RESORT. Curacao Marriott Beach Resort and Renaissance, Curacao Resort and Casino also completed major renovations in 2020. Sandal Resorts will also debut its first Curacao assets in 2021.

2020 was a bad year for the Casino owners of Curacao. This year they are waiting to make a good profit out of this industry. The decision of lifting prohibition for American travellers was a positive vibe for them.

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