Curaçao Has Started to Reform the Online Casino Gaming Sectors

Curaçao is finally working on reforming its online gambling section, and it was mentioned in an official letter for the Raymond Knops, the Interior and Kingdom Relations. To reduce the consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the government of this island asked for economic support from the government of the Netherlands. However, there were no obligations till May 2020, and the support came from the Dutch government smoothly. Right after the second tranche, the Dutch government laid down a few conditions – the Curaçao government must make the rules stricter to provide licenses to the online casinos. The conditions were signed in two agreements in Country Package.

Online Casino

Curaçao operates thousands of online casino games, and many of them don’t have a better reputation, though some of them, including Lucky Days and Omni Slots, are exceptionally well-recognized.

The laws and measures have to be made prepared by the 1st March of the upcoming year, and from that date, the laws and regulations will be supervised strictly. If any online gambling sectors don’t abide by the laws, their licenses will be withdrawn. Curaçao government should also make a design by the 1st September of 2021, which will provide the casinos launching outside the island fit with the legislation in the countries where those casinos were operated.

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