Andre Yong Chose NY Governor’s Island to Build a Casino

“Humanity First”- the slogan didn’t seem to help Andrew Lang in his presidential campaign last year. However, the campaign led him to make the top list of the possible new New York City Mayor. The cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneur has put his name into the hat for the moral race of the City and accumulating support from wherever possible. The latest campaign platform is alluring a lot of attention, even though the shot is long. Yang has been pushing the authority to gain permission to construct a new casino on NY governor’s Island.

In Yang’s opinion, a gambling venue on that 172-acre Island had a fair chance to turn into a cash cow as the City is emitting its money due to the pandemic. During a recent interview on a radio talk show named The Breakfast Club, Yang said that it would definitely generate as much cash it would be like bananas. This assertion from an influencer like Yang had stirred the curiosity of a certain group of people, most of which are local. But to get his dream come true, Yang must do more than just drawing an example of Bananas.

Right Time to Hit on the Nail’s Head

Despite the location and size, Governor Island is neither the centre of any commercial activity nor an important venue of any kind. There are merely a few small retail shops and eateries, and to most New York residents, the ones who decide the luck of a place in the City would probably have agreed to keep the Island that way.

Other than this, the Island has another issue. For the lack of real estate, the rate of one-bedroom apartments can reach over $1 million. Governor’s Island is one of such few places after the Central Park that has a promise to provide green spaces.

Furthermore, gambling traffic in NY is currently flowing only toward upstate casinos. Recently the City is feeling a push to eradicate all the forces that keeping casino operators from taking the traffic elsewhere. This push is intensifying with every passing day. Even the governor himself is seeming to change his view on the matter. To hit on the nail, Yang’s preference of time appears to be perfect.

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