Aqualectra Apologizes for the Blackout in Curacao

Thursday evening a blackout has happened which is reported by the utility commission and also initially stated by Darick Jonis who is the CEO of Aqualectra. The reason behind this was the power grid failure by the renowned company Aqualectra for a certain period.

Blackout in Curacao

Curacao Refinery Utilities which is also known as the CRU became unable to generate more power as the power plant was disconnected from the electricity grid. This led the production unit to fail to provide enough supply which caused the blackout ultimately. To find out the reason deeply in-depth research will be conducted by the respected authority.

According to the press release, Aqualectra is executing intensive research already. When this outrage has occurred, the entire island was staying in blackout for a longer period of time which is considered the 2nd time outrage for the whole island. The utility company tried to deploy all the tools to regenerate the electricity but failed at last. To restore the electricity in Curacao they needed high configured generator which was in great lack at the time of the incident. It took nearly seven hours for the regeneration and reconnection of the electricity in the near neighbourhood.

While the blackout occurred the electricity was supplied to the businesses and homes after 3 p.m. Later, at 10 p.m the same thing happened again. According to Aqualectra, these two blackouts have caused huge pressure on them and they are trying to fix the issue. They understand very clearly this type of electricity shortage is causing a huge problem for the community and they highly sympathize for this. One thing they can assure that their company has not negligence for performing the duty and they will surely ameliorate the suffering by bringing high capacity generators. They are sincerely apologizing for the situation now and promise not to occur this type of incident again.

Now, everyone has been secured with a reliable power supply and Aqualectra is greatly obliged to continue the process. The utility company is conducting a thorough enquiry and learning about the possible faults to decrease the chance of the repetition of this incident.



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