Border Restrictions Have been Lifted by Curacao for the Travelers

The Caribbean island of Curacao is very eager to announce that they are going to remove all the restrictions from their border and want to start 2021 as a great year. American residents are allowed to enter here, but they have to pass a 14 day quarantine time. The announcement is made based on the reopening of the island as an initial phase.

Lifts of the restrictions in border

A cautious reopening step has been taken by Curacao. Now they are comfortable to safely welcome to all the travelers from America. The well-being of the residents of Curacao has been ensured, and now they are eager to provide exceptional travel experience to the tourists.

According to Paul Pennicook, who is the CEO of the Curacao Tourist Board, the successful opening of the market will help them to overcome the losses which are executed in the past months. Though the well-being of the local community is the first priority, they cannot deny the importance of the economic growth of this little island. They are feeling confident in their ability to work back in the economic growth of Curacao. Every state which is under EVS has been re-classified again by the tourist board of Curacao, and this process has been done by 1st January. This initiative will help the business owners and the casinos to regrow their businesses again after a long shutdown during the pandemic.

The Ministry of Public Health has also accepted the approach and requested everyone to work taking and maintaining the precautionary health measures. The department of the Environment and Nature has also agreed with the point of The Economic department.

Visitors from the USA will have to undergo an online portal application procedure to apply. Visitors are requested to complete a form to get the digital immigration card without any hassle.

They have to fill out the passenger locator card 48 hours time frame before their departure, and they master to carry the printout version of the paper as proof of their arrival. The tourists must have to prove themselves with the certification of a negative result in Covid-19 PCR test.

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