Casino Gaming-Related Illegal Actions Have Dropped in Macau

The levels of gaming-related illegal actions have decreased in Macau, notably in a number of different categories – revealed by the information obtained by the Office of the Secretary and Security. This is not like the previously released data because this declaration doesn’t provide the net figure of these gaming-related illegal actions or crimes in nine months.

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The cases of pickpocketing have also reduced remarkably inside the casinos for the nine months, and the number of pickpocketing cases in this year is only 23, which has dropped approximately 85% from the previous 148 cases – examined by the Macau police. In addition to this, the scams in the first nine months of 2020 have also decreased to 60 from 231 cases. The percentage of reduction is less than the scam cases in the currency exchange industry. Besides, it is also reported that there are no robbery cases inside the casinos as well.

In the first nine consecutive months of this year, the counterfeit gaming chips were identified in only three cases, while the net value of those chips was either in use or in the procedure of being utilized. The size of that amount arrives from a single currency token of the counterfeit gaming with a value of around HKD1 million. The authority has not provided detailed information in the official report about the distribution of the near-utilized as well as the utilized fake chips of the casino by which the casinos were heavily affected. The Macau police identified around 189 cases related to counterfeit gaming chips between January and September of the last year.

Things are turning out quickly so the dropped down crime rates are being perceived very positively now. If this rates keep holding its balance the upcoming business of million dollars casino is going to be as successful as it has ever been. But this doesn’t mean the securities should let their gourd down even a bit. This positive vibes and decree in crime must be a result of the extra technological securities every casino owner is applying. Those extra eyes of security camera and metal detecting doors are working wonders and the results are in front of everyone!


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