Casino Winnings in New Orleans Plummets Due to Slow Tourism

After closing the market in 2020, the gaming market in New Orleans has already decreased the revenue. This city is totally tourism dependent and its losses so much profit due to the pandemic situation of coronavirus.

In that area of New Orleans, the total revenue of December was about $35.8 million. This amount is 31 per cent lower than the previous month’s $52 million according to the recent news. No other gaming industry in this state has this type of declining rate. Crescent city is the single land-based Casino in New Orleans. Almost 31 percent is below the early result from the previous analysis has been recorded. Most of the newspaper reported about the decreasing consequence due to the pandemic situation. Most of the resorts which were involved in tourism and casino business faced some difficulties. They are now planning to take initiatives for the enhancement of the sectors. All those properties are going to be renamed and reinstalled after the pandemic situation.

Three riverboat casinos in the New Orleans saw a total slump of 22.5 percent of revenue in the last month compared to the other. Almost 28 percent declining has been shown by the Treasure Chest Casino. The rate decreased to $6.1 million from $8.6 million.

Hurricanes destroy lake Charles

After closing due to the pandemic situation, Louisiana casinos restarted with some increased capacity limit. In relation to this, the disastrous situation of this hurricane season creates a destructive impact on the economy of that state. In the last year, most of the time, the casino business faces these types of difficulties. The area of Lake Charles in southwestern Louisiana faced a storm season. Some deadly storms have already happened and damaged the businesses, homes, casinos etc. The natural disaster and Covid-19 situation reliable to decrease the economy of that are. In Louisiana, at least 4790 employees from different casinos lost their job. It is a great hamper for the economy of that area. Sometimes the new industry like restaurants tried to overcome the situation, but only 1.2 percent of the total economy has increased.


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