Casinos in South Korea Again Shut for the Year 2020

Major casinos in South Korea have become off-limit for all types of casino goers for the rest of 2020. An unexpected and accidental spread of the virus Covid-19 has raised confusion and terror all across the country. As a measure to prevent the further spread of the virus, the government of South Korea has immediately shut all the casinos down until the end of the year 2020.

Casinos in South Korea

Mun Jaein, the president of South Korea, issued a mass call on Monday for a greater number of pandemic testing as the last group of tests showed a positive corona rate of 4.2%. On Sunday, new cases have reached 631which is the highest number of positive cases since the initiation of the pandemic in the Spring.

To confront the recent surge in novel infections, the country should establish a more rigid social distancing limit.  Seoul, the country’s capital, with its surrounding cities, has been subjected to strict new rules through the end of this year at least. It puts more fiscal pressure on casino owners of Paradise Co Ltd and Grand Korea Leisure. These companies have facilities in Seoul.

Grand Korea Leisure stated that two of it’s Seven Luck Casinos were forced to shut its activities in November. Both of them are located in Seoul, and the shutdown period may end at the year’s end for either of them.

The estimated loss that the shut down will cost the GKL owners will be around $5 million. The pandemic has already made all the three casinos operate at 20% of ordinary capacity. It has damaged sales in November.

South Korea’s biggest casino, Kangwon Land, is the only venue where the locals can gamble. It has announced the possibility of closing its doors as of Tuesday’s midnight. The urgency behind such short notice closing is South Korea’s implementation of the second level of pandemic coronavirus mitigation method to the areas some two hundred kilometers north of Seoul.

For King won Land, this would be the third time closure this year. It only got the chance to be open in October.


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