Casinos of Metropolitan Areas in Seoul Will Shut Down Again

The casinos in the Metropolitan area of Seoul in South Korea will close as the number of newly infected COVID-19 patients has increased. To slow down the resurgence of this virus, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters are taking possible measures.


The higher authorities in Seoul’s Metropolitan area of South Korea, including Incheon, have ordered the casino operators to shut down their casino industries to prevent the further transmission of the virus among the workers, staff, and customers as the number of infected patients are soaring once again. Some local outlets have assured that the safety measurements. Which affected the casinos, concentrates on giving different solutions to the overseas visitors, and during this COVID-19 pandemic, the opening and closing of the casinos are experiencing ups and downs.

Four casinos – Paradise City Casino Incheon, Paradise Casino Walkerhill Seoul, Gangbuk Millenium Seoul Hilton, and Gangnam Coex Seoul – must have to halt their operations for a specific period because of the coronavirus cases. In the greater part of Seoul, the number has risen abruptly, which is regarded as the main reason for closing these industries again.

It has been reported that the country currently has 300 positive cases, and the CDSCH has issued strict recommendations to keep this infection from transmitting. And their recommendations include the suspension of the major businesses, which are regarded as the primary transmitter of this disease.

Reducing the total capacity, some of the American casinos, including Las Vegas, Macau, and Atlantic City, have restarted their operations once again. On the other hand, some of the gambling industries have started to stop their operations in the United Kingdom. Those US casinos have undertaken a few preventive measures to ensure the safety of their workers, visitors, customers, and members.

Walkerhill casino has confirmed that it will stop serving dining and beverages from 9 PM (local time). Paradise and GKL have suspended their services to the local residents on gaming floors. Because of the contribution to the country’s economy, the government doesn’t want to promote the Kandwon Land casino as the spreader, which seems to be quite interesting. To bring everything back under control, the country may have to shut down all the casinos very soon.

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