Continual Jackpot Titles with New Hampshire Lottery’s Offering Boosted by IWG

Supplier of digital instant games, Instant Win Gaming has spread the duration of its existing contract with the New Hampshire Lottery. It has also given its partner access to its constant and continual jackpot enabled titles.

According to the contract, the New Hampshire Lottery has already rolled out IWG’s Jackpot named Jungle Tumble to the provider’s first initiated game to cover its technology of progressive jackpot.

Jungle-Tumble jackpot is equipped with almost three in-game jackpots, among which is a multiple-time awarded mini one, a medium tier jackpot which is been awarded almost once every month.

IWG stated that its module of progressive jackpot and prize structure had been prototyped to meet the particular requirements of New Hampshire’s state lottery operator to get some added product of progressive jackpot of IWG.

This jackpot module is a part of the manufacturer’s Remote Game Server. It means the New Hampshire Lottery and other IWG customers can initiate such progressive jackpot featured titles from the providers as comfortably and relentlessly as its normal e-instant titles without any additional technical assistance or support required.

Compelling a Wider Audience

Of the current addition of progressive jackpot of IWG, Charlie Mclntyre, the New Hampshire Lottery Official Director, said that they were enthralled with the tremendous success that other e-instant games of IWG have drawn to the lottery and that the latest products were letting them compel even more audience through the new and staggering way to win.

CEO of IWG Rhydian Fisher said that their e-instant games’ strong performance since their launching along with the New Hampshire Lottery was exquisite and that it actually held up the quality as their prior offer.

The IWG’s chief executive also added that they were excited about being chosen by the New Hampshire Lottery.

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