Countdown for Trump Plaza Demolition Begins, New Auction Emerges

The set has been ready for abolishing Trump Plaza form the land of Atlantic City. The casino with former U.S. president’s name tagged in its title has sat empty for around seven years. Now it seems apparently nothing can keep it from being erased from the earth’s surface next month. Nobody knows it’s in the name or what, controversies haven’t been leaving the fate of the Plaza even when its D-day is imminent. An auction to get the rare reward to have the right to push the detonators button had been pulled at the last moment. However, a rumor of the possibility of a new auction is now on the air.

Some may find it apropos that February 17, Wednesday is set to be the day to turn the Plaza into dust. The day also is the Ash Wednesday, Lent’s first day that refers to the Christian belief of dust as the origin of humans. It also signified the end of Trump’s invasion into the gaming business, which died about seven years ago.

Atlantic City has been trying for the past several years to raze the casino. But every one of its attempts has been denied by the owner of the Plaza. A billionaire investor Carl Icahn bought the asset in 2016 but couldn’t come up with a valid and solvent strategy to renovate the property. Icahn has always been a dedicated supporter of the former President and tried his best to keep the property on its ground. But those efforts have gone in vain, and now it is time bade farewell.

New Auction is Introduced

To prepare the implosion, Marty Smart, the mayor of Atlantic City, has arranged a campaign in the previous month. The purpose of the campaign was to benefit the local Boys&Girls in the city. An auction was to hold to allow the winner to press the detonator button. By indicating on the safety concerns, someone from the group of Icahn forced that auction to be cancelled.

However, there is still another auction introduced by the former auction’s company, and the Boys&Girls club has got the proceeds like before.

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