CRA Showed Satisfaction for the New Rules of the Government for the Restaurants

CRA or the Curacao Restaurant Association has become very pleased due to the new measurement of the government to open the casinos and hotels again. It was found that during the lockdown the small island has gone through a huge financial crisis as the incoming of the tourists was reduced to a great extent. CRA believes that they will be able to increase the amount of their profit now and lessen the loss which had incurred previously.

When Covid-19 appeared it changed the whole economic setup worldwide. Thousands of businesses found a shut down during this very situation. On the contrary newer startups raise their heads too with new concepts.

Curacao tourism during a pandemic

The small island of Curacao is mainly based on its tourism sector and licensing fees got by the gambling sectors. But, it was restricted by the government of the Netherland to provide the casino licenses recently. The Danish government declared that it will not provide the necessary financial packages to this little island if it does not become rigid to provide the licensing facilities to the new companies. Netherland becomes very strict as some illegal activities regarding gambling were found by the Italian police recently.

But the restaurants in Curacao are out of these restrictions and they can execute their business freely if major health declaration is not given by the government. An adjustment will be also made for the casinos that may allow the guests to stay inside for 24 hours. It indicates several people will be able to gather in the same place if they maintain the proper health precautionary.

According to CRA, all the restaurants in Curacao have faced a lot of restrictions such as curfew, utilization of the 50 percent of the terrace and the alcohol ban. This indicates that if the lockdown in the pandemic would increase, most of the owners had to change their business. CRA believes from this time, the government of Curacao will work great for the interests of the restaurant owners.


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