CTB and UoC have Signed the Memorandum in Curacao

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by Dr Moises da Costa Gomez on behalf of the University of Curacao and the Curacao Tourist Board. It will formalize a framework which will be non-exclusive. The execution of the MOU has become possible after several meeting sessions between the university and the CTB. It arranges a collaboration program to exchange the knowledge among the parties. Sustainable development with the expansion of the tourism industry is their prime goal.

Importance of the agreement

Paul Pennicook, who is the CEO of CTB and Francis de Lanoy has signed in this agreement. According to Paul Pennicook, they are signing the deal for the development of the human capital in the tourism industry. UoC with Mou is contributing greatly to the utilization of the human resource in Curacao. The students who are enrolling now in the program names International Hospitality and Tourism Management, now, it is their duty to lead the important industry in the future.

For future careers, every industry has great potential. Every investment has a great value for the development of a certain region, and Curacao will surely be benefitted with it. The students who have enrolled in the program will lead to the future tourism industry.

For this reason, every investment which has been made with the development can be a great way to have the best return ever. According to t Dr De Lanoy, everyone should utilize this COVID period to prepare the young people for the rebuilding of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Curacao Island.

With the help of this international focus, they will not be able to sharpen their skill locally but also globally. He also believes that the power of the island mainly lies with people with diverse interest. The UoC’s slogan can be mentioned here as local strength helps to build the global future.

Eight areas are generally covered by MoU which may include the development of the tourism industry. The interchange of the information, academic publications, improvement of the research projects, exploration of the new region for the marketing purpose and the certification option as a proof of the skill.

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