Curacao Casino Owners are Extremely Dissatisfied the Government Decision

Curacao based Casino owners are getting so sad because of the recent government decision. It has been declared by the government that all the casinos based on curacao island must be closed due to the reduction of the COVID-19 infections.

Curacao Casino

According to the casino owners, before taking action against the pandemic, the government should consider the financial needs too. This small little island is mostly dependent on its tourism industry. If casinos have to be shut down now, the salary of the employees and the cost of the other maintenance for each casino will be a great load for the owners.

They demand the government should take logical action to make the hospitality industry of Curacao active. Otherwise, later taxation can be affected by this. If business owners fail to operate their casinos and hotels keep closed for an uncertain time, the economy of this island will shut down greatly.

However, to appease them, the authority has already given a statement; it is not a fact of bad blood, and hotels must be closed for the shake of the health issues. To prevent the disperse of coronavirus in the upcoming winter, taking this measure is significantly crucial.

But, the owners of the casinos said that the government has failed to show proof regarding the infections and their spread on the island of Curacao. Besides some of the exceptional incidents, all were as usual. It this very common that during the winter, the spread of the influenza virus increases. And few people die getting sick by this virus. This is going to be a common issue, and people will be able to immune themselves over time.

This type of argument has been raised by restaurant based investors too. The restaurant association of Curacao has got the notice for temporary shut down, which seemed like a curse to its owners. They think if this type of situation continues, they cannot survive.

It is true that tourists have already limited their arrival to Curacao due to its government imposition and restriction. Experts say that it will not take much time for the economy to get the doom if the government does not finish the bad blood relationship with the casino owners.

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