Curacao eGaming Authority as an Off-shore Betting Licence Provider

Casino operators can get the gambling licence from Curacao easily if they provide legal documents regarding their businesses. Under the Curacao eGaming Authority, the names of the Curacao licence providers are operated. Among the licensing authority, this one is regarded as the oldest. From 1996, they are operating their business with great honour, and it is not only famous but also trustworthy for most of the gamers and operators in the online betting industry. Curacao Ministry of Justice takes the application from the operators to provide them with the licences to execute their betting businesses.

Licence provider in Curacao

It is very cost-effective as the operator may count only 4% of the service face on his total profit. The companies who have taken licences from Curacao have been regarded own the best-rated sites.

But recently an anti-money laundering legislation has been forced against Curacao. The providers are also bound to abide by the laws which are imposed by the Danish government.

To operate the gambling business successfully, gambling licences are very important for the casino owners. Without having legal rights, they will be banned or punished hugely. Once upon a time, gambling was regarded as one of the illegal acts. But with the imposition of the Gambling Act of 2005, casinos run the gambling business with the wagering platforms legally. They are free to serve their services, both offline and online. To set up a gambling business online, one must collect an offshore gambling licence. Getting licences are crucial because they provide security for both gamers and operators.

Financial stability can be found as the benefit of licensing and players can easily trust betting sites when they may find the necessary seals which are provided with the licences. It also enables the gamers to work with the best operators around there. The companies which own the licences are very eager to work with the best banking facility for a secured transaction system. As they try to work with the best banking providers, so the money of the gamers becomes safe. The operators may execute their business remotely, and the local imposition does not work here, and it work as a winning situation for the licence providers and the operators.

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