Curacao: Five Incredible Facts

Curacao’s small island is a Caribbean treasure, but it’s mostly unnoticed. Most of us know nothing about it, but there’s plenty to say as a destination beyond the eponymous spirit to improve our cocktails. It’s beautiful and exciting, quieter and less crowded than most popular archipelago residents. Five surprising things you possibly did not know about Curaçao are here-

1. The language is its own

The local spoken language of the ABC Islands is Papiamentu, along with the neighboring Aruba and Bonaire. A mixture of primarily Spanish and Portuguese, with some English and Dutch. Most people can also speak all the languages. A long history of invasion and settlement has contributed to a fascinating mix of stuff.

2. There are good casino ties

Not only is the island home to many casino establishments, but the field of online gaming is also significant. You may have discovered that the license comes from Curaçao when you look at new online casinos from a trusted source. The Icelandic authorities supervise the legislation, serve as a dispute judge and provide the online gaming industry with technical support.

3. It is just under the hurricanes

Curaçaos is one of the best climates in the region, unlike most of the Caribbean by storms. Though there is the only 550ml of rain per year, there is a rainy season. The average temperature remains around the same year. There are flourishing and hypocritical coral reefs in the seas close to the island due to pleasant weather patterns. For anyone visiting, diving is highly recommended.

4. It’s very colorful

It must be one of the most picturesque in the world when it comes to the capital. A variety of vivid colors has been painted in traditional Dutch buildings, and around a wide entrance to the town, there is a natural port. The conventional light clothing is evident in all its glory during the annual harvest parade in April.

5. Possibly the primary industry is not what you expected

The best-known item that comes from Curaçao is the blue liqueur, but not the island is the vast majority of the short, orange cocktail. Just about 600 cases are shipped to the US each year, and the original content is available in various colors. The drink’s name is not covered and can be created by anyone. Petroleum and gold are at the top of the island’s existing exports list.

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