Curacao Gaming License has been Acquired by the Truegame

Truegame is considered as one of the blockchain-based platforms of iGaming, and it has announced to acquire the gambling license from the Malta gaming authority.

Curacao Gaming License

Under the Curacao Jurisdiction, Truegame, an iGaming platform, has acquired its license. This step is working as the milestone for this team, and it is considered as one of the greatest achievement which will help to develop their project in the long run.

Truegame team is performing a lot of tasks to achieve this goal. To achieve their goal, they have to undergo a serious review. This includes the revision of the project details, perfect company structure, having diligence, and the crucial check regarding the infrastructures.

Dmitry Danilov, who is the CEO of Truegame, has said that the obtaining of the license is working as the turning point for the company and its development with the iGaming project such as Truegame. This type of great opportunity is provided to Trugame for the development of Curacao gaming. Curacao license of the gaming enables power to take legal actions against the partners and the players executing the mischievous activities. Access to the payment and banking services with the usage of promotional tools for online advertisement is easier now.

He also added that their team is extremely happy for taking this significant step in the development of their whole project. Obtaining the license proves true game has become a solid partner, and it will be regarded as the trustful and legitimate partner whom we can trust.

Truegame was not the only applicant who was waiting for the license, and there are other reputable companies too, and their licensing operations have been scheduled for the amendment later.

This important turning point is being celebrated by the company with a great festive mood. The company has already fixed its goal and promised that it would hold its reputation by providing the best services to the gamer. Servers and the infrastructures are going to be checked continuously to ensure the best experience in gaming. It is true that the responsibility of the Truegame has increased more than usual.

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