Curaçao Has Agreed to Make the Gambling Licensing Regulations Strict

The online casino gambling operators, licensed by Curaçao, may face a decreased audience since the government of that island surrendered to the pressure given by the Netherlands. The issue is to introduce more restrictions and include strict regulations for providing licenses to online betting and casino companies that are interested.

Gambling Licensing Regulations Strict

Because of the spread of coronavirus, the economy of Curaçao had faced a severe recession this year. To decrease the heavy consequence caused by this pandemic, the government from this tiny island had been requesting economic support from the Netherlands. After receiving the second tranche of economic support, the Dutch Government told Curaçao’s government that the financial support would not come without maintaining any obligations. The introduction of those specific restrictions was highlighted in the Country Package, which had been agreed between the two governments. The introduction was for – granting online betting or gambling licenses and any other changes to how the island nation handled anything related to the casino industry.

There are thousands of online betting or gambling websites, which are operated under the license of Curaçao. These websites target their customers from other regions, where they are not allowed or restricted, including the Netherlands.

The new regulations will be assigned to oversee the betting industries of the nation and to issue licenses to all those iGaming operators that are interested. This regulation is supposed to be ready by 1st March of the upcoming year.

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