Curaçao Has Enforced Strict Rules to Control the COVID-19 Transmission

From 1st December 2020, Curaçao will enforce a few strict rules and regulations to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. The rules will be applied in any case for the next three consecutive weeks, but the measures will be checked on 14th December. The rules and regulations include the sales of alcohol, maintenance in the bars, beaches, and in other places.

Strict Rules

In the measures, it has been clearly stated that the alcohols may not be distributed in restaurants, café, and even bars. Besides, the beach bars and other possible gathering points must be closed at sharp 5 AM. The government will not allow the passerby to drink alcohol on any streets, and all the Curaçao casinos must be shut. BBQ stands, also known as Truk’i Pan, may offer its service within a very limited period, ranging from 4 PM to 8 PM.

However, some restaurants can have permission to stay open, but none of them will be allowed after 8 PM, and none of these shops will not allow anyone to take a seat inside. The restaurants that have a space to sit outside will allow only 50% of the entire capacity, and the number of people should never exceed 50. All the shopping malls and markets must be closed at sharp 6 PM, but the supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, minimarkets, gas stations can remain open till 8 PM.

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