Curacao has Made the Curfew Loose

The restrictions regarding public meetup in the open place has been eased out by the Curacao government in 13th January. In a press conference, the government has announced that it has temporarily removed some of the restrictions to normalize the daily life of the common masses and to activate the wheel of the national economy again.

Relaxation of the rules

The curfew is no longer active, but everyone has to stay inside the home from 11.00 pm to 4.30 am. The government has lifted the Alcohol ban for the inhabitants, but they are not allowed to drink in the casinos. The restaurants may keep their business open up to 10.00 pm. They can receive 50% of the visitors now based on their normal capacity. Snack shops, beach bars and juice corners will not be able to keep their business open after 7.00 pm.

From 6 pm to 10 pm, BBQ stands may continue their business. Mini markets or supermarkets may continue their business until 8.00 pm, but they do not have permission to take people more than 50% of their normal capacity.

Rhuggenaath, the prime minister of Curacao, has thanked heartily to the citizens for following the health-related rules seriously. Curacao is one of the countries which have relaxed the lockdown recently and become attentive to the re-construction of the economic growth. But Dr Izzy Gerstenbluth stresses that they must be careful about the spread of the Covid-19 and try to keep the safe distance. Adhering proper hygiene may help to be protected from the mass infection. He believes social distancing can keep the infection rate remain low.

The masses are trying to maintain all the health-related steps as much as possible for them. Their spontaneous co-operation has worked as the great support for the government to keep the number of the affected patient under control. We all know that Curacao is a small island which is dependent on the growth of its tourism sector financially. But during the pandemic, the lockdown situation affected greatly on the economic section of the country. Shops, markets and casinos were closed for months. They are now trying to mend their economic losses through the relaxation of the social ban.

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