Curacao Is forming New Independent Regulator Based on Netherlands Based Agreement 

Curacao’s tightened gambling license rules will impact the betting sites and online casinos holding a Curacao license.

From the backing Dutch government, the decision comes which supported Curacao during the Covid-19 pandemic struggles.

New Independent Regulator of Curacao

In 2018, the gambling operators’ oversight promised to tighten by Curacao but very few changes brought by this. In the country package, the new region’s obligations presented carefully.

To oversee the licensing process, a new independent regulator needs to form by Curacao. And by 1 March 2021, the new controller should become active.

Higher fees and taxes also may have to pay by the gambling license. Currently, 2 per cent corporate profit tax pays by the license holders, and the license fee annually is ANG240,000 ($134,0000. But the monthly master license fee might increase by Curacao to ANG7,500.

According to the inside affiliate, from other regulated territories, the operator no longer will accept players. Including the Netherlands customers, the license should act according to the countries targeted laws and regulations.

By September 2021, the issue of targeting players in an unauthorized way should stop. Right when own domestic gambling market is planning to launch by the Netherlands.

To oversee the licensing process, a new independent regulator needs to form by Curacao, and within 2021 it should be active.

The Dutch government support Curacao even in this pandemic situation from this agreement. And Curacao promised to do so.

The observer of the Dutch government found that the gambling licensing rules need to tighten, and Curacao agreed to do so. A significant change required among the operators operates in betting sites and online casinos holding their license.

To the Dutch Government, Curacao promised to tighten its gambling operator’s supervision. Different changes already happened in the Curacao license renewing process. The country package (Landspakket) offers whole new obligations for the region.

Through this forming of independent regulators, players from different regulated territories will not enter into the Curacao gambling process. On the same side, Curacao will not be able to accept any outsider player from any regulators.


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