Curacao Narrates Detailed Procedure for Acquire eGaming License

For over two decades, the Caribbean island country Curacao is issuing international standard gaming licenses to all casinos regardless of their types. The Curacao iGaming license is famous for its easy-to-achieve feature as it demands applicants to meet only a nominal requirement. To make all the license expectants’ lives easier, the official website of Curacao eGaming has updated in-detailed procedures to get the license.

Procedures for Securing a Curacao License

The Curacao authority tells the applicants to request an eGaming license and other compliance services guide with filling an IP application. This application and all the other necessary documents can be submitted to the eGaming authority in person, by courier, or via email. In the case of in-person delivery, documents have to be authentic. The compliance team of Curacao will start to process the application once the payment for the application fees or any other proof for submission of the payment is confirmed. In case of any incompliance and incomplete attachments, Curacao eGaming will let the IP applicants know all the non-compliant items.

Once applicants get approval, they will be required to pay all the necessary one-time fees for the license and other services. They will receive further instructions for all the services they are intended to operate under the eGaming license of Curacao. After being finally approved, operators will be given comprehensive information about how Curacao IP may add, tweak, or remove their registered applications, services, suppliers, URLs, and domains by giving Curacao eGaming the necessary required operational and technical compliance information for further review and probation as structured in the guide of Curacao eGaming and IP license and compliance.

Once up and running, all the activities conducted by the operators will be audited by the engineers and officers of IP compliance of Curacao eGaming on a regular basis. To avoid all sorts of penalties and service suspension, all applications, services, suppliers, URLs, and domains should always be updated.

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