Dutch Government Prepared to Abolish all Illegal Betting Websites after Minister Expressed Sever Concerns

The Dutch Minister of Security and Justice Ard van der Steur raised serious concerns over the Curacao virtual betting industry in Jun 2016, during a conference of the four ministers of the Dutch Kingdom. The minister wanted more constructive and better regulations to be placed that would give better control and supervision of the virtual betting industry.

This was not the first time that raised concerns as just in May 2016, Member of the Parliament Ronald Van Raak of the Social Part of Netherland had mad ready and submitted two questions sets targeting illegal betting activities that emerged from virtual casinos in the island of Curacao and the responsibilities that multi-national accountancy company KPMG was handling.

Avowed Commitment

The Junior Minister of the Security, Klaas Dikhoff and Justice, and the Acting Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Stef Block had committed to inspecting all these concerns and would try to stop all illegal virtual casinos from Curacao from running in the Netherlands. Curacao is a tiny island country that is only a part of the Kingdom of the Netherland.

Blok said that the Curacao Government was presently on the way to put together a nationwide ordinance to supervise and monitor all the betting and gambling activities in that country. It would be the headache of the Prosecutor of Curacao’s Office and the Government of Curacao to lay stringent rules and regulations that would supervise the virtual betting industry and halt illegal virtual casinos from running.

Member of Parliament Ronald van Raak also asked about the integrity and honesty of KPMG relating its coalition with the casino giant Francesco Corallo and a telecommunication firm UTS. However, Blok said that he could not address all the inquiries and questions asked by the MP as some of them were beyond his boundary of responsibility.


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