Engine Superfeed Sports Betting Content Launched by Spotlight

Superfeed, the new content engine, will launch by the Spotlight Sports Group. Spotlight sports group is the leading creator of the content of sports betting. Superfood engine will provide impartial sports betting insight to the fan engagement on the power on-site. Either via a widget or full integration of API, it will incorporate the content machine.

For Spotlight sports group, the next exciting step is Superfeed when it comes to the content provision, said the Chief Commercial Officer of Spotlight Sports Group, Sam Houlding.

Customer Dwell Time Extended

Spotlight Sports Group supplied the sports betting content in a vast range which becomes aggregates in the Superfeed content engine. Superfood aims to ensure expertise in the editorial of sports betting and the delivered data on sports. Sports data is having over 70 languages so that for a longer time, they stay engaged.

Across more languages and more sports, more content contains in the products than ever before. We are now producing insights on sports betting, projections, and verdicts over 25,000 events in a year.

Pre-matching betting tips, projections and forecasts, and live events will feature all these new insights in Superfeed. To react to the on-field action, a revolutionary technology will start to utilize by Superfeed. It will combine the historical data and tips on in-play betting will continue to provide by this.

“Up to 5 per cent of the sports events, sports bettors make a bet usually, from the research we know that. On other 95 per cent, using the Superfeed, you can now engage, empower, and inform them. More event will matter through this to your customers; Sam Houlding, Spotlight Sports Group CCO, said this.

Coverage of Broad Sports

The horse racing industry will also feature in Superfeed, including the racing post leading content worldwide covering 60,000 races. In every race concerning every horse, it delivers an experts opinion.

In the US, the expansion strategy started by the group. On the college level, all four major sports will cover in the new content engine.

In total, annually, 7,000 sports events. The group’s expansion strategy is to ensure sportsbook operators extended user live time and ensure a better experience.


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