EOSbet has Achieved the B2B License in Curacao

Caribbean Jurisdiction of Curacao has provided the license approval to EOSBet to conduct its blockchain casino business. It will now be able to offer all types of gambling using its platform, which will be very interactive. Popular games like baccarat titles or dice throwing will allow the players to utilize the EOS wager.

B2B License has Achieved

They have worked relentlessly to improve their system to provide the users best experience with their gaming products. All forms of interactive gambling are now available through their platform. Their relentless work has given the fruit at last as they have achieved the license at last.

They claim that they will work relentlessly to be succeeded and make their licensing power effective. For being a smart casino, their diligence is really appreciable. This company is really striving to keep the consistency of its value.

The platform is allowing the users to play with the native cryptocurrency EOS under the blockchain protocol. This is an open-source casino that is getting its success relentlessly. Advanced technology is used by it to find out the fundamental problems regarding the firms. Lack of transparency and trust, costly house advantage, and fees will be solved by their platform for the betterment of the players.

Instant transaction facility is going to be provided by the EOSBet without any transaction fees. Even latency will be zero in this case, and this facility is providing great leverage to EOS. The dApp is considered as the “community-driven online casino,” which has executed its business at first in this sector. It also allows the token holders of the BET a percentage, which can be taken as the EOS rewards.

The license approval of the EOSBet has initiated the launch of a new game. Currently, this one is in the final step of testing. This new game will be launched alongside the redesigned casino.

The instant transaction time has really boosted the performance of this casino in the last few weeks. New gamers are joining here gradually, and the income has got a great rise recently. Caribbean Jurisdiction of Curacao has provided the licenses to EOSbet based on its past activities in the betting industry.


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