Five of the Maryland Casinos Didn’t Reveal the Actual COVID-19 Cases

From the time when the businesses got reopened in June, six casinos in Maryland showed nearly 133 positive infection cases of the coronavirus of the team members. However, none of those casinos reported any information about these positive cases among the team members.

Maryland Casinos

In mid-June this year, the casinos in Maryland started to reopen, and soon after opening, it was found that nearly 133 workers of the casino were infected with the novel COVID-19 – reported by local media. Surprisingly, the information was received after a series of public information, and records were requested from the agency. The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency finally revealed that 60 workers showed positive results of coronavirus, and the number was from the starting of October. Unless the local or state health departments publicly reveals the positive report cases among the casino workers, people will never obtain the real number of positive cases.

The Prince George’s County Department of Health and the Maryland Department of Health doesn’t require the public reporting of the coronavirus cases at the MGM National Harbor casino in Oxon Hill. At the same time, the Anne Arundel County Department of Health was like overseeing the cases of Maryland Live! The casino didn’t show any interest in responding to the public’s request for revealing accurate information about the positive cases of the COVID-19.

It was asked to all the six casinos to respond to the number of tests they have run on their workers and employees. Though five of them didn’t respond, Rocky Gap Casino did. The other five didn’t reveal the information about the exact numbers and the measurements they took to prevent the transmission.

A spokeswoman from the casino revealed to the media that the health data about the team members and other workers were not revealed. However, the casino used the internal protocols to trace those team members who were in touch with the infected person. Once they were identified, the authority sent them to perform a COVID-19 test. After the identification, a complete sanitization was executed throughout the place and the working area. It was also declared that infected patients would only be back after a negative result.



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