For Casino Chip Robbery, Man Faces 20 Years of Jail Time

Last week, the Illini Casino security notified the police that there is an ongoing burglary on the site. At the Illini Casino Resort in Washington, a burglary attempt ended badly for the criminal arrested.

There Is No Thrill in Chips Drill

A 25-year-old man from Washington, Lucas Bunn, after drilling into a locked chip cart allegedly stole a handful of $500. However, he escapes from the casino premises, but he gets caught in the high-rollers parlor on the camera installed in the casino. Through a casino security signal, the deputies responded and found that a burglary is in progress. However, he gets arrested at a nearby gas station.

Bunn is a holder of a lengthy criminal record, and after arresting him, police recovered several things. The police recovered grinding wheels, a grinder, a high-vis construction vest and a $500 nomination with 25 chips. Moreover, a grey wig found nearby allegedly used by Bunn aimed to enter into the premises and to deceive the casino security.

Lucas Bunn becomes arrested for burglary, obstruction of a police officer and possession of stolen and since mid-March, he was on bail of $5,000. Since 2017, in the state of Washington, he has been arrested 7 times. On Wednesday, during the initial court hearing, his $5,000 bail initially double due to the new charges.

Bunn charged with first-degree theft and second-degree burglary, and at $15,000, he set his bail. A defense attorney for him appointed by the court, and for May 12, the court set a formal arraignment. Due to the burglary charge, Bunn is staring at a maximum 10-year in prison, while on the felony theft count, it could rise to 20 years.

Banned from Participating the Casino

According to the Illini Casino’s security personnel from the casino, Bunn kicked out for unspecified reasons in December 2020. Moreover, he became banned from ever returning. But in an affidavit, Bunn himself stated that the security guys in the casino believed to detect someone looking like him on two occasions.

Nearby the arrest site, the police found the grey wig, and it suggests that Bunn used it to deceive the security cameras at the casino. But in modern technology, it becomes almost impossible to use the disguise and deceive the current surveillance software.


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