Forced Evacuation Took Place Due to Gunshots in Treasure Island Casino’s Hotel Room

Las Vegas Strip’s Treasure Island Hotel had to evacuate all its guests last Thursday after gunfire took place in one of its rooms.

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Larry Hadfield, an officer of Metropolitan Department of Las Vegas, has stated to the Review-Journal of Las Vegas that the gunshot had come from one of the rooms of the Hotel where a man took his own life. Police couldn’t find any identification of the dead person. Hedfield, on his statement, said that SWAT responded quickly, and after entering the room, they located a deceased male from a self-taken gunshot wound.

The Treasure Island Hotel is situated on the west edge of the Las Vegas Strip. The Mirage Casino and Hotel is near Treasure Island. The Hotel started its journey in 1993, and as a marketing stand, they featured actors and models dressed as Caribbean pirates battling and fighting on pirates’ ships in Buccaneer Bay.

Two visitors from Texas named Caitlyn Key and Jon narrated that employees of Treasure Island and police struck on their door about at 2:30 am and told them to evacuate. The hallway was full of armed officers and soldiers. The whole situation was horrifying.

The Key family had to wait for a couple of hours, and they were standing near the lift in the casino. They were not granted to get back in their room to face their bag and baggage before catching a flight. It was about 6:30 when casino employees brought only a portion of their goods down to them.

Tiffany Brown was just another hotel guest on that night who also shared a similar experience. He said that the authorities smacked on his room’s door and only asked if anyone had a gun. Then the police forcefully ordered him to evacuate with their arms out.

The evacuation process at Treasure Island was not the first instance of such happening. Actually, it was the second time the Hotel had to evacuate its guests for a gun incident. Both incidents made the guests wait for hours to receive security clearance to leave the Hotel.


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