Gambling Interests are Turning Curacao into a Corrupted Island

Because of the increasing gambling interest and nursing, the small island of Curacao has become a country to save gambling rights. Curacao is a small island which is situated near the coasts of Venezuela has become a safe zone for the gambling operators worldwide. To get the licensing for the gambling execution, the casino companies do not find it very hard. With the submission of some necessary documents and with the promise of regular tax premium, companies can get the recognition as the licensees.

Curacao Casino

There are strong controversies that most of the gambling sites online, which are executing under-ages gambling, have taken their licenses from Curacao. The regulatory authorities are turning a blind eye in this case. It is surprisingly true that the Curacao license has no validity in the United Kingdom. But they are allowed to open the bank accounts there. According to the department of US State, Curacao is working as the major route for the smuggling of the drugs and the practice of money laundering. These drugs are mainly imported from Latin America, and surprisingly the gambling sites are mainly based on Latin America too. This gambling license has a great issue with the legality which one is thickening the doubt of the people gradually.

Some of the researchers say that it has been designed to nurture the corruption inside the political power. Recently, a politician of Curacao was assassinated because of the threat he had given about the exposing of the gambling. The history of this island was not very good as the first prime minister was jailed due to political corruption. It was found that he was involved with the money laundering with the help of a gambling operator. This was discovered by the Italian police in an anti-mafia investigation. It appears that the crime regarding this small island is occurred by keeping the gambling operation in the center.

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