Gaming Analysts Predict Rebound in 2021 for Macau Casinos

Macau Casinos have enclosed their worst year experienced ever since 2006. The half dozen operators are collectively winning around $7.53 billion.

2020’s GGR or Gross Gaming Revenue ended down 79.3% from 2019 when Chinese casinos Special Administrative Areas won $36.6 billion. COVID-19 made the Macau Casinos tightening rules and even closing some of its borders throughout the year.

The enclave has not purported any new COVI-19 case in more than half of a year. However, travel out and in of Macau remains much difficult due to the present time-consuming procedure of achieving an individual visit scheme travel permit.

The latest variant of Covid-19 that recently has emerged in the UK and now noticed in Japan has squeezed entry protocols of Macau once again. Anyone who has arrived from mainland China has been in other countries within the previous three weeks is inhibited from entering.

December High

Before 2020, Macau casinos had not won less than $10 billion in a single year since the year 2006. That date was merely four years after the area ended SJM holding’s decade spread monopoly on betting and gaming and welcomed in five more operators.

2020 was one of the most unthinkable years and with domestic and international travel grounded and global economies on the verge of failure, casinos in Macau saw their betting revenue fall by more than $29 billion.

However, December was the best month for the market in the whole 2020 year. GGR around $979 million totaled. That comfortably passed 2020’s runner up month which started in October, when the betting floor won around $910 million.

Macau wants to ensure that the market remains alluring to high rollers all across Asia. The enclave’s economic attributes are largely dependent on its betting industry. The industry has won $45 billion in 2013 which is a record.

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