Getting Betting License from Curacao is Stricter Now

Curacao has little choice without obeying the rules and regulations of the government of Netherland because the economy of this little island has shrunk by 30%. They need financial aid urgently due to the economic regeneration of the local businesses.

Gambling license from Curacao

The authority who provides gambling licence must be strict to the operators before issuing the documents as all of them are not qualified to execute the gambling business. It is found that some of the companies were providing their gambling service in some of the countries where these are not taken as legal activities. Effective measures must be taken to prevent money laundering inside the country. The regulatory authority must be rigorous for the enforcement of the laws so that the operators provide their services properly following the laws of the government.

This action taken by the Curacao government has been praised by the parliamentary member of the Dutch government. Ronald Van Raak claimed that the easy licensing opportunities for betting were working as a political threat for the Caribbean government as the Mafia group was using the casinos as their ATM machine. Political activities were in rising but now with the execution of the laws strictly the terrorist groups can be prevented strongly as illegal casinos were the safe havens for them.

International crime has taken a rise in this little island of Curacao because of the involvement of the malicious politicians who can do anything for the sake of money and power. The gambling Mafia has become bosses in the underworld who control most of the casinos in Curacao. With the online gambling, illegal activities observed recently, and Italian police have found money laundering activities are happening because of the illegal utilization of the online betting sites. The Dutch government now believes that Curacao which was the early adopter of gambling online now follows the rules and regulations strictly in the licensing process of the new gambling operators.

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