Governments Decision to Close All the Casinos: Unhappy Curacao Casino Owners

Government has decided to close the entire casinos in Curacao Island immediately to take control over the spread of COVID-19 infections. Though, the decision has made the Casino owner quite unhappy. They are still planning on safe trade policies and serve the customers as they were doing for a while.

Governments’ decision to close all casinos: dissatisfied owners of Curacao Casino

The decision of closing procedure has not been officially announced through press till now. But the government has been initiated this closing already. This has already created chaos between government and casino owners as there were previous policies stated by the government to prevent the virus related infection. All the Casino owners were strictly following all the safety measures since then. The Casino Owners still want to follow the previous standards of COVID-19 and go on with their business.

The Casino owners and the restaurant’s owners have shown dissatisfaction toward this decision as restaurants are also being asked to cease its actions immediately. Both Casino and Restaurants’ owner has asked to show proper proof against their fault of virus spread acquisitions. They want the government to show the statistics of rising infections which are caused by casinos and restaurant.

As the casino owners of Curacao Island are claiming, they have followed all the rules regarding the spread of COVID-19 virus. They removed half of their slot machines, allowed only half of the customer or selected ones to play, no mask no service policy, washed hand properly, avoided any physical contacts and followed all the other rules as directed. Still, they are being told to stop their business and close all the casinos.

The Curacao casino owners have cleared the reason behind this dissatisfaction. They stated that people are still going to the cinema and are allowed to do so just wearing a mask. Churches have also been opened for a while with limited safety measures, then why only the casinos are being prevented from offering their services?

There had been a lengthy lockdown of casinos through this Corona pandemic. Casino owners are still counting their losses. But now they want to turn into profit, but the government’s sudden decision has made their dream to go shutter again.

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