Great Touring Facility with Renaissance Curacao Resort

The Renaissance Curacao Resort and Casino is offering a $109 room booking facility for the tourist with special packages. It can charge $119 for the island-view resort and $129 for the ocean-view rooms. The offer can be valid up to 4th April, 2021.

Mind-blowing Touring Package

If the travelers pay for two nights, they can be eligible for the third nights without any extra cost. Two agents are settled for per room. The resort which is built on the Willemstad region was constructed for more than centuries. It is also beside the Rif Fort, which is declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It works as the home for the 15,000 square feet Creek Carnival Casino. The company is open to the tourist to provide them with the best package available.

A Five-night trip plan names “Magical Greece” has been scheduled for Athens and Santorini which can start its journey on April 25 and finish it on October 15, 2021. Three complimentary nights can be added in Istanbul. The rate can be $1000 for per person and $1099 for companions. The single supplement can be provided by $499. In the package, there will be three-night stays in the hotel in Athens. Three will be in Istanbul, and two can be in Santorini. Daily breakfast will be done at hotels. It also includes the tour in the whole Athens and Istanbul city.

The visitors from Curacao can really enjoy the tour. In this roundtrip, they will also get ferry tickets between Istanbul city and Santorini. Visiting the Blue Mosque will be great fun for the Hagia Sophia church and for Grand Bazaar. It will be great fun for the tourists, and they will be able to see the historic monuments and architecture closely. Missing out such opportunities will not be a wise decision.

The tour can be very relaxing for the travelers as they will be able to enjoy the trip in the spring season. Their adventure can be conducted through the Galapagos with this enchanting trip. The tourists from Curacao can really enjoy this adventurous journey as it is mostly in their budget.

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