Hawaii is Going to Introduce Gambling for Economic Growth

To introduce the gambling opportunity and the casino resort in the state, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and Legislators have come together in an open discussion. As the economic condition of the island is not going well during the pandemic, it is facing a huge deficiency in its budget. The authority and even the lawmakers believe that allowing gambling on the island may attract tourists around the world, which may boost its tourism sector.

The opposition of the parliamentary leaders

They are working shoulder to shoulder to give fill in the financial hole that has been created during the lockdown of Covid-19. The attraction of the new audience may make this island economically independent again. From the historical period, gambling is forbidden in Hawaii. Utah is the only state where the same thing has happened. Against potential legalization of gambling, the state may have to face different types of political hindrances. The state governor David Ige is also in the opposition side of this bill. It is found that all the dominant political figure is against the legalization of betting. House Speaker Scott Saiki, President Ron Kouchi are notable among them who are very adamant about making the gambling legally active in the island.

In the endorsement of DHHL, it is found that it is Saiki who has introduced the HB 359, for the legislation of the gambling with the help of the Hawaiian Home Land. But he is not the only person who is asking for the more questions for the legislation of the betting, but there are Sen. Jarrett Keohokalole who has asked more review from the authority for the legalization of the gambling. In the petitions, it has been questioned how much possibility is there that with the introduction of gambling in Hawaii, the economic growth will be on the rise.

Saiki or Keohokalole, not any of them has endorsed the gambling, but both of them are confident that they are not taking the decision based on any prejudice. Keohokalole is very uncertain about the idea of launching a gambling business for national economic growth. He believes the policymakers should give more thought on this issue.

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