Hotels can Serve Alcohol to Tourists in Curacao

The alcohol band is not effective anymore for the guests who are staying in the hotel. The tourists can get access to drinks on Curacao, and this has been confirmed. The Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Steven Martina, has signed this ministerial order to make this decision fruitful. Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggennath has already confirmed this to Curacao Chronicle.

Tourists in Curacao

Before that, registered hotels and restaurants were facing serious problems to serve their tourists as they were under the alcohol band. The residents of Curacao and tourists from different types of countries were in great concern because of this restriction. Now, hotel owners are so relieved that they can serve their guests with the complete suit.

Stricter measures were taken in the islands of Curacao to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. The recent steps will be active in three weeks.

But cafes and bars are not allowed to provide alcohol to the common people except the tourists. Drinking alcohol by the roadside and at public gatherings is strictly prohibited.

Stricter measures will be taken to those organizations that will not obey these ministerial rules. Restaurants are requested not to allow the guests inside to sit, but they can offer only the take out to their customers.

But the hotel sector has not taken this easily and reacted furiously against that decision. Curacao is a yellow zone now, which means tourists even from the Netherlands can go there too.

A massive number of infections has been registered with the cases of 124 by Tuesday. Within 24 hours, three corona patients have already died.

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