Housemaid Got Assaulted at The Flamingo Hotel Casino; Accused Faces Court

Another incident of stifling and attempting to assault sexually in a hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip has been reported. A 20-year-old man has been accused of committing this nuisance and is now set to show up in court to be judged on Wednesday, as the authorities said.

The accused male named Michael Douglas confronts charges for his action of assaulting a hotel housemaid with a lethal weapon and battery, more at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, as stated in the story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

According to the last found news about Douglas, he is now all set to be presented to the Clark County Detention Center. The Las Vegas police had released the report narrating detail about his arrest. According to the news, the housemaid has told police that Doulas attacked her in a 17th-floor room which she was cleaning at that time.

Made Her Suffocate

A guest from a nearer room has also told in his statement that he heard some noises, which was sounded more like someone was struggling for air to breathe. With an intent to help the person, he opened the door of his room and found the housemaid waddling out of a room with blood on her nose and a mark of abuse on her neck. Then he summoned security.

Police said that they had rescued a knife and some other evidence of sexual assault in that room. The maid has diagnosed with a cracked bone in her throat, and the marks on her neck were also visible. Moreover, since the incident, the maid can’t taste anything.

Flamingo Hotel & Casino

The Flamingo is an important casino venue located south of the Las Vegas downtown. It was installed there in December 1946 by the then gangster Benjamin Bugsy Siegel. Siegel, along with other underworld personalities, owned the El Cortez hotel-casino around the same spot The Flaming is today in downtown Las Vegas.

Since the early of this year, such nuisance relating to sexual assault has been repeated in The Flamingo. The Hotel authority is now actively trying to make the arena of the hotel-casino more secure and safe for their guests.

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