How Chinese Blacklist Would Impact Integrated Resorts Asked by the Japanese House Representative

On China’s gambling destination, the government enlarges its travel ban but publicly did not reveal the list. The cross-border gambling destinations for tourists marked by the Chinese government, but they do not make the name public yet. Kenji Eda, a Representative member of the Japanese House, asked the government whether, as a travel destination, Japan would blacklist Japan. There are several cases that overseas Chinese national get kidnapped and travel for gambling lured by a pretense.

On China’s Upcoming Gambling Blacklist Japan Remains Silent

Kenji Eda, a Representative member of the house, asked the authority whether Japan is on China’s Blacklist or not, and the government of Japan choose to remain silent.

At present, the Beijing authority compiled a prohibited overseas destination for Chinese Citizens for gambling purposes. Instead, the estimated $150 billion outflow of gambling money the country would prefer to keep closer to home and Macau.

It would also initiate a sentence for those criminals by whom such trips get facilitated. To visit specific cities would be impossible for the Chinese citizen because of the system of travelling blacklisting. The gambling cities around the world would not be accessible to the Chinese citizen for the travelling blacklisting system, and one of those may be the Integrated Resort of Japan.

Eda, commenting on his blog, wanted to know Chinese well-to-d0 players would stop playing IR, as the location has not selected yet.

In East Asia, some of the biggest spenders usually known as and to any casino resort; the most prominent target audience is Chinese gamblers, including South Korea, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Japan.

A lot of soft power exerted by China to make sure that its safe for the residents. With a less China-targeted approach, countries restraint in their gaming industries. The Philippines and Cambodia, particularly China, have stepped up their efforts. In these countries, on numerous occasion, China has intervened to restrict gaming.

Banned Jurisdictions and Canceled Flights

China’s blacklist expanded to the hotspots of casinos and gambling cities and destinations. In August 2020, the travel blacklist was introduced first with the accusations that abroad casinos are targeting Chinese citizens and threatening their property and wellbeing’s safety.


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