Illegal Migrants are the Victim of Shipwreck in Curacao

30 migrants are getting searched by the police of Curacao as those were illegal migrants who were passing the sea from Venezuela. But the boat of those illegal migrants sank on the island of the Dutch Caribbean and after that little trace of them can be found.

Shipwreck in Curacao

According to our correspondents, dead bodies of four Venezuelans are already found there. The incident happened because of the overload which crafted the boat to hit the rocks at last in the sea due to the heavy wave.

The coast guards of Curacao have reported that the number of illegal migrants vessels are increasing gradually due to the severe crisis in Venezuela. The crisis has mainly appeared because of the economic shutdown during the pandemic. To fight with this economic crisis Venezuelans are now taking the risk of life and trying to cross the sea borders.

But, using this economic crisis of the common people the smugglers of Venezuela have become so active to send the illegal drugs in Curacao. To prevent them, Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela has disconnected the transportation links among the territories of the Dutch Caribbean. This step has been taken by the government last week and the prevention of the smuggling is undergoing through a strict process.

The police have confirmed that two dead bodies of men and two dead bodies of women have been recovered and sent to the morgue. Even now, more belongings are going to be searched with the naval team of the Curacao police. No case has been filed yet as the motifs of their trespassing is not clear until this report has been written.

It is obvious that at least 30 people were in the boat who were mostly from the Falcon State of Venezuela from the north-western regions. According to a local politician, the age of all the passengers was below 35.

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