Illinois Inhabitant Files a Federal Lawsuit against FanDuel Claiming its Infidelity

Wasting a little of his valuable time, an Illinois sports bettor filed a federal lawsuit. He claims that FanDuel supplies incorrect and unreliable information to misled gamblers when they make in-game wagers. Andrew Melnick, the Illinois inhabitant, filed the lawsuit in the District Court for the Northern Illinois District last Tuesday, just a day after the University of New Orleans played in men’s college basketball at Incarnate Word.

According to his lawsuit, Menlick started his FanDuel account last week. He focused his strategy on in-game totals on that college basketball games. Totals are wagers from where bettors pick whether the scores of the combined teams will go over or below a particular period.

In an in-game wager, sportsbooks will adjust betting markets and totals based on different factors, including remaining time and score. Though Melnick didn’t mention the name of the games he wagered on, he said he bet under on sports reporting that he lost over $50.

After making those losses, Melnick realized that all the information FanDuel provides in real-time was false. He indicted the sportsbook’s platform of understating and making the under bets seem more alluring than their real state.

Melnick wants his lawsuit to be elevated to class-action status, complaining that many bettors had to lost millions for FanDuel’s malicious practices.

Odds Got Skewed by False Data

The lawsuit stated that the accuracy of the data provided by the FanDuel on a real-time basis on its platform and displayed at the moment of placing a bet is crucial to determine the risk to reward percentage associated with a given wager and the decision whether bettors should place their bets on the Under or the Over option.

Melnick submitted some screenshots to further emphasize his allegation towards the FanDuel. In those pictures, some discrepancies between the real-time score and the displayed one were evident.

The day Melnick filed the lawsuit, he tried to state his problem to the customer service of FanDuel, report such deceptive and unfair acts, and get a refund. But that didn’t happen.

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