Imperial Pacific is Once Again Without a Boss

When the Imperial Palace Pacific’s head of security, Donald Brown, agreed to join the post of CEO of the unprotected casino operator the previous July, he already knew what he was signing up for. However, he accepted the post and essentially forced to be the CEO as regulators of the casino demanded the institution appoint a prominent leader. He also knew that his tenure got to be transient after about six months. IPI has become headless once again after the stepping down of Brown last month without any prior announcement.

Former Head of the Body

Brown made room for that position on last year’s Dec 22, according to the report he submitted to the DOL or US Department of Labor. That report came since IPL is burning even now for missing so many of its payments regarding Saipan’s Imperial Palace Casino. It is now suppressed under ten million in dollars only in license fees, subcontractor bills, and employee pay. Browne narrated that his resignation had to be effective after two weeks on Dec 17. However, he extended his term to Dec 22 so that he could be involved in IPL for the last time at the public hearing of the Commonwealth Casino Commission.

So, as to that, one more time, IPL is apparently attempting to run without a CEO following the resignation of Brown. This resignation decision may have been taken as an effort to avert becoming called out once again and confronting probable jail time. However, Browne is with the company still, though he hasn’t mentioned it and has not been paid any money, and his continued bonding to IPL comes back to catch and haunt him. Browne has some earned some credit for willingly take a colossal headache; however, this allegiance of his with the company could cost him in the longer run.


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