Isai Scheinberg Made the List of 10 Finalists of Poker Hall of Fame 2020 Enshrinement

Isai Scheinberg, the founder of PokerStars, finds himself qualified in Poker Hall of Fame’s enshrinement against some of the most legendary professionals when the o0rganiztion announced the 10 finalist’s names for the current session on Thursday. Isai is one of the finalists with other Poker’s World Series broadcast teams of Norman Chad and Lon McEachern and Patrik Antonius. The last one among the three is a Finnish Pro. There are also other names like Antonio Esfandiari, Ted Forrest, Eli Elezra, Chris Ferguson, Mike Matusow, Huckleberry Seed, and Matt Savage.

Fame 2020 Enshrinement

Under the rules of the Hall of Fame, the 32 members of the Hall will decide the joiners of the fraternity.

Each of them will get 10 points to distribute among the Finalists. The person with the highest points becomes the 59th member. It will be the first time after the Hall will induct just a single member in 2004. From the year 1980, the Hall only let pass its boundary by only one person every year.

The announcement is to be taken place on Dec 30 before the initiation of the WSOP Prime Event final played by winners of international divisions and the US. The finalists checked in after Hall’s approval to the poker community to provide nominations over the last couple of weeks.

According to the guideline of the Hall, every player must be a minimum of forty years of age and must have the experience to play high-stakes games in professional and recognized competitions. They should also have a regular record of good gameplay and be recognized as a player who passes the test of contemporary time.

Others can also be considered only if they availed energize the game’s worth with immovable lasting and positive results.

Scheinberg established a virtual poker site named PokerStars almost 20 years ago, assisting expand attraction to the game by providing people a chance to join it from their computer. However, because of the UIGEA or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, a virtual poker game in the US has become a focus of the Federal government.

In 2011, federal officials stopped the domains and captured the assets of multiple virtual poker sites which included PokerStars. The date is still renowned as “Black Friday” in the gaming community.



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