License Extensions for Casino Giants in Macau Been Predicted by Gaming Analysts

Around half dozens of commercial casino-operators in Macau have been set to observe all their concessions to expire in June 2022. However, different gaming analysts think that extensions of those permits may happen.

Casino Giants in Macau

Macquarie Capital and Morgan Stanley’s recent notes suggest that SAR or the Chinese Special Administrative Region will make some delay in expirations of those gaming permits from MGM, Sands, Melco, Wynn, SJM, and Galaxy. The analysts indicate the current and continuing issues with pandemic coronavirus as the prime reason.

Renewal of licenses after a complete gaming revenue-recovery might provide policymakers with more robust negotiating power particularly over the expenditure of non-gaming capital. Macquarie trusts that Macau will want to extend all the licenses by at least a couple of years or more. It means that the present conducting permits could be workable through June 2025. Morgan Stanly’s gaming analysts said that they believed the scenario in June 2025 would be confirmed as the latest expiration date.

Several specifics have been released by Macau on its planning to reissue the licenses in the richest casino market in the world. The only solid detail in hand is that the region will sweep its present regulatory strategy with a fresh and modified set of policies. The gaming law Macau is currently abiding by was designed in 2002 and it is to run for almost 20 years.

Former Chief Executives of Macau, Fernando Chui stated in 2017 that the objective was to refurnish the regulations and laws governing the gambling industry. The Legislative Assembly in Macau is now working with community heads and all the casinos and receiving mass input in designing the next prototype for gaming laws. However, the coronavirus has reduced the pace of the overall progress.

Edward Engel, who is a gaming analyst at Macquarie said that if policymakers were grudging to a disheveled and prolonged ownership conflict, gaming licenses then will require to be reissued at generally agreeing terms.


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