Man Receives $1.3M for Being Convicted Wrongfully

A man, wrongfully convicted by the Las Vegas Court of murdering an entertainer of Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, has awarded retaliation money which is worth over $1.35 million.

57 years old Fredrick Lee Steese was convicted of murdering Gerard Souls on March 1, 1995. Gerard was an entertainer and trapeze artist at Circus Circus Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. He was also a dog trainer and performed costumed poodles at the Casino.

Lisa Rasmussen, an attorney in criminal defense, helped Steese in getting his freedom, as said the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The Nevada Board of Pardons Commissioners approved his freedom declaring him innocent and clearing the murder charge.

On Monday, a certificate of innocence and financial compensation has been finally approved by district Judge Jasmin Lilly-Spells. Rasmussen, prime contributor of Steese to get his freedom, told the newspaper that it was an unimaginable relief that she had been able to make him free. By this, Steese is to receive around $75,000 compensation money for being unfortunately convicted.

Murder Scene

Gerard Souls passed his childhood in Michigan and left to join the circus at 16. In his 20s, he got injured and transitioned from trapeze artist to a ringmaster of a hoard of costumed, as stated by the Vanity Fair magazine. Soules, with the course of time, became renowned as the Poodle King.

At one point in his life, when he was 55 years of age, he noticed Steese by a road with a signboard “Will Work for Food” written on it. Out of humanity or a kind heart’s sake, Soules took Steese to his place in North Las Vegas, where he lived with all his poodles. From that day on, they became good friends, but later, Steese decided to move on.

Then the day came when Soules’ boss was looking for him and smelling something bad, contacted police. Detectives found Soules’ dead body in his trailer.

When they contacted Steese, he was 30 hours straight to Nevada from Wisconsin. Later he confessed the murder after being interrogated for five long hours.

Death Penalty Center said that Stees had his alibi to be in Idaho, and his former confession was an act of coercing.

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