Nagasaki IR bid Raises Suspense Among Mohegan Gaming Partners

Events around the bid on a potential Integrated Resort in Nagasaki is getting a new and more exciting shape every day. Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment have proclaimed a new partnership with a local firm familiar by the name Oshidori International Development. The new partnership will pursue a clandestine casino bid. The partnership has been made to a press release on January 27.

Both companies strongly delineated their intention to make a versatile and dynamic community for Nagasaki.  They believe the community will be a premium travel venue and also a premier residential choice.

Celebrating the partnership, CEO and chairman of Oshidiro, Alex Yemenidihian, who also served as the CEO of MGM Resorts, has said that they aim to present the rich and diverse through their joint bid cultures of the Nagasaki area. He has also remarked that both companies will bring positive impact with this project on the Kyushu region.

A New Opportunity for the North-Westerns

This Japanese bid is apparently the second attempt made by Mohegan. In the past, they invested their time for a Hokkaido Resort before the governor of the province turns back to the competition in 2019. The question around the time of the processing of the national Japanese integrated resort will get decided still in the dark. However, Mohegan’s upcoming project Inspire Korea’s launching in 2023 may entice the Japanese bid. Mohegan CEO Mario Kontomerkos has remarked that Japan has offered a crucial development opportunity to Kyushu. Their growth strategy is looking into the possibility of the cross-marketing opportunity that is risen between Kyushu and Korea.

Operators of 10 properties internationally, including a giant integrated resort in the western region claim their eagerness to introduce their expertise to that venture. Three of the previously known bidders has come into the same spot targeting the bid. Current Corp, Pixel Company associated with Group Partouche and Casinos Austria have already taken part in the race.

The one entity that will be successful in getting the bid will have high expectations and hopes to put on them. Nagasaki stated earlier this week that whoever will get to be its partner, will have to agree to an expenditure of $141 million in traffic infrastructure.

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