Narcotic Search Warrant At Clearwater River Casino Hotel Room Led To Bizarre Discovery

After following a prolix investigation, detectives from the Idaho State Police, Nez Perce Tribal Police, and Quad Cities Drug Task Force empowered with the FBI, went through a narcotic-based search at the Clearwater River Casino situated at 17500 Nez Perce Road in Lewiston.

The investigation rooted from early May when the authorities attained an infamous tip on a suspect. The detectives attained a surety when one of the officials bought heroin from the suspect during their controlled buy operation.

Eventually, the information came into the authorities’ notice that the suspect’s dealer from Toronto, California is in town for a business deal and that he was residing in the hotel room for a few days.

The suspects were related to other narcotics activities in the states as well and have successfully distributed a huge amount of drugs.

During the search warrant held in the hotel room, the authorities seized methamphetamine, heroin, glass pipes, hypodermic needles filled with heroin, packaging material for delivery, and up to $10,000 cash.

As a result of the narcotics search warrant, the detectives seized 54-year old Brad J.Sawyer from Toronto, California into New Perce County Jail on the charge of trafficking methamphetamine and heroin.

Additionally 54-year-old Kris E. Bell from Moscow and 38 years old John B. White also came into notice of the detectives during the investigation and both were arrested on multiple drug felony charges.

During the search warrant, detectives came to know that Sawyer was also involved in selling a huge amount of methamphetamine to a residence in the 600 block of Burell Avenue in Lewiston.

The search warrant at Lewiston was executed on May 21, 2021. The Lewiston Police Department and the regional SWAT executed the drug search warrant.

While executing the search warrant at Lewiston the SWAT team obtained two individuals at the location and located over one pound of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, firearms, and around $2,000 in cash.

The Quad Cities Drug Task Force is partially funded by the United States Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance to combat narcotics activities and distribution in the Southern Washington and Western Idaho Counties.