Nevada’s Governor Keeps the Casinos Open and Extends the Duration of Statewide Pause

The Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, in late November, instituted a few new restrictions to prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus because of an increase in the number of positive cases. A pause started statewide, and it included tiny capacities at specific businesses, which include the casino industries. With the new rules, the venues decreased the capacity significantly from 50% to 25%, and it is being expected that the rules have to be maintained through the entire week. However, the governor extended the duration as the number of positive cases is still not under control.

Nevada’s Governor Keeps the Casinos Open

Therefore, the new rules imposed on the businesses like the casino, have become stricter, and the requirements must be followed, which include – wearing masks, reducing the capacity limit to 25%, restricted private gatherings to 10 people. It has been ordered that these restrictions will extend to 15th January 2021.

On Sunday, during the announcement, the governor, Sisolak, clearly said that die to the second wave and another rise in the positive cases, he felt the importance of imposing the restriction, and the state had to do anything to keep the residents in their homes to decrease the transmission of the COVID-19. Currently, the rate of transmission of the coronavirus is very high in the Nebraska area, and the number is increasing each day.

Media and others have criticized Nevada’s governor for these efforts to stop the spread of this virus by being too restrictive on the people of Nevada but allowing the casino and other betting businesses to open. According to those people – the residents were encouraged to stay in their homes, but the travelers were encouraged to visit the casino industries.

Sisolak mentioned that he decided to keep those casino industries open because many people had lost their jobs during the last spring at the first lockdown. He also said that the state relied on the gaming revenues to manage the fund for different sectors including education and health care, and another shut down of those betting industries could cost approximately $52 million in a month. He explained that when he thought of those gaming industries, he became worried about the nation’s stock.

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