New Cases are Reported Regarding Covid-19 in Curacao

The government of Curacao has found 38 new cases regarding COVID-19 and this result was got by the tests of 360 people. The team has failed to determine the exact number of the connections the suspects have been made.

Covid-19 in Curacao

Total of 112 people have been recovered and now the total active cases are 1,799 in number. 19 patients are in the CMC now and among them, 4 are still under the deep surveillance of the doctors in the intensive care unit.  Already eleven have met their death due to the effect of the virus. If anybody has inquiry in this little island regarding Curacao, he may reach to the health authority by 9345 during the office hours.

According to U.S Consulate General in Curacao, there is no restriction regarding Curacao now and the people can travel from Curacao to the USA now. Curacao confirmed 3,624 cases within 19 borders worldwide. The travelers are required to fill up an online form which may as required documentation.

Before the arrival, a PCR test regarding COVID-19 is a must. A helpful regarding the visit to Curacao during Covid-19 has been already published on Youtube by the government of this country. The U.S consulate failed to answer the specific details regarding all the requirements.

The travelers must bear printed documents to show as proof during the travel. He must be insured with medical care to get the additional costs of the treatment. It is quite common that visitor gets is during the travel and health insurance during their journey can prove as very effective. It is also mandatory that if he becomes sick, he should be quarantined with his own responsibility.

Visitors are asked to maintain frequent hygiene and must wash out the hands with soap. They are encouraged to use one-time paper towels and alcohol-based sanitizers. Distancing measures must be taken to avoid contagious contact. If it becomes tough to keep 6 feet distance, beginners are told to wear a mask all time. Different types of hospitality facilities are available for the common people. Beach clubs, bars and restaurants are open to provide the service ensuring the safety measures.

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